Prasanna Chandra

Projects Planning Analysis Selection Financing Implementation and Review - Eighth - New Delhi McGraw Hill Education (India) Private Limited 2016 - 23.22

Preface :-
This book is now nearly three and a half decades old. Its longevity can be attributed to the growing number of academics and practitioners who have found it useful relevant, and readable.
my effort has been to present the key principles and techniques for evaluating capital expenditure proposals that have been developed primarily by financial economists. The book explains the rationale behind there principles and suggests ways and means to improve project appraisal and capital budgeting in practice.
The book spans the entire gamut of capital budgeting, defined in its broadest sense. Beginning with project planning,it concludes with the review of projects undertaken. In this respect, it is wider in coverage than other book in the field.
Numerous examples have been included to illustrate the principles and techniques. Where necessary, two or more examples in the ascending order of complexity have been included. Apart from analytical methods, the book discusses strategic, qualitative, and organisational considerations which impinge on capital budgeting decisions, it also describes and evaluates business practices in various areas.


Finance (Project Management)

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