Wagan Lynn Van Der

Event Management - Noida U.P Pearson India Education Service Pvt Ltd. 2005 - 308

Preface :-
* The Project:-
- Deliver a powerful presentation
- Create an Environment of Celebration
- Transform an Active Aircraft Paint Hangar into a beautiful
- Reveal the Stunning New paint Scheme of the Boeing 777
to 7,000 Members of the Press and Employees of a Major

* The Challenge:-
- Only 3 weeks Lead Time until the Event
- Secure FAA Permits for Our Crew to Enter A Highly
- Area of Atlanta's Hatfield International Airport
- Hide a 250 foot Long by 220 Foot wide Commercial Aircraft
- Crate Hanging Points for lighting and sound Equipment in a
Hangar with 5 Hard Slick Metal Walls
- Cover 54 feet of Paint splattered Walls

* The Experience :-
- Magical Wonderment!
- Soft Lighting
- Beautiful Fabric Draped Along the Wall
- Time Lapse Video Showing the Evolution of the Aircraft's
Interior and Paint Scheme
- Confetti Cannons Dramatically Explode
- Blinding Light Pours into the Hangar as the Door Quickly
Draws Back.
- The Striking New Boeing 777 Gleaming in the Sun!

* The Results :-
- An Amazing Success !
- A Dramatic Introduction to the Transformed Brand Identity
- A Bridge into the Future
- A Lasting impression on the press and Employees
- Corporate and Brand Enthusiasm.


Marketing (Event Management)

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