Atesmen M Kemal

Project Management Case Studies and Lessons Learned - Boca Raton CRC Press 2015 - 215

As global project managers we continually have to fight against ever changing currents of project stakeholder management, scope management, Knowledge management, schedule management, resource management, and above all team management. As global project managers we have to strategies and find plausible solutions in timely fashion to all event that endanger our project's feasible direction. Finding timely solution to challenging events becomes more difficult in a global project environment.
In this book, I outline 82 challenging cases that I encountered during my global project management career all over the world. I analyze each case by detailing the issue, how i strategized and approached it for a solution, what the solution was, and what I learned fro that case. As I became more experienced in project management, the quantity of challenging events in a project decreased. Lessons learned from each surprising event or personal mistake transformed me into a more careful and more detailed project manager more proactive, more this book can make a global project manager more proactive, more disciplined, and ready for sudden and similar surprises that can affect his or her project. Project cases detailed in this book will support and guide your strategizing process during the execution of global projects. Lessons learned are summarized after every case.


Finance (Project Management)

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